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Your tourist visa is about to expire but you don’t want to leave Brazil? After a while here, you are looking for a way to stay legally here after your allowed period? I can understand you well… And the good news is that it is possible (and pretty easy)!

Indeed, you can turn your tourist visa into a student visa by registering yourself with a language school, no matter your age.



What is the process to get a student visa in a language school?

In Brazil, the student visa application has to be done through an online form. The evidence of your student status will be the “Acceptance letter” given by your language school. It is the main piece of the compulsory documents needed for the visa application.

Once the form is complete, you will be asked to choose an appointment date with the federal police, where you will need to show all of these documents again, printed. You will get a temporary residence permit the same day and the official version will be available 6 weeks later, again at the federal police. Then over to you to go and get it, there is no need to make an appointment (don’t forget your passport and temporary residence permit!).


Details of the required documents for student visa application

Personal documents, forms, statements… Find here all that you will need!

  1. The student visa application form 
  2. The contact form
  3. The declaration of absence of criminal record in any country (over the past five years)
  4. An ID photo (3×4)
  5. Your passport
  6. A birth or marriage certificate translated by a sworn translator (apostilled)
  7. An extract of your criminal record (delivered by the country where you have been living for the past 5 years) translated by a sworn translator (apostilled)
  8. Your criminal record in Brazil, to be requested here (note, you need a CPF to make the request)
  9. An invoice proving your residence in Brazil. In the event that you live with a third party, you also need a photocopy of their identity card accompanied by a signed letter attesting to your accommodation.
  10. Proof of financial capacity for the whole length of your stay (bank statement or payslip)
  11. Proof that you have paid the CRNM fees (codigo receita: 140066, 168.13 R$) and the fees of issuance of the CRNM (codigo receita: 140120, 204.77 R$) that can be done here.
  12. And finally, the acceptance letter, provided by your institution!



Don’t hesitate to contact Idiomas Rio for further information.

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Idiomas Rio is a language school recognized on the market for 10 years, specializing in the support for visa application procedures.

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